PROACTIVA understands that the way its clients choose to deal with sustainability, Social, Environmental and Governance (ESG) issues is crucial for their present and future, as it influences their ability to operate and generate tangible and intangible value for a company.

Our approach to these issues is through proactive and strategic action in sustainability, ESG risk management, expertise in Business & Human Rights, and structuring of Sustainable Finance projects, seeking effective positive impact on the ESG dimension.

Areas of expertise


Our clients are investors or operators in the natural resources, agribusiness, infrastructure, energy and financial sectors, who conduct the ESG agenda as a strategic pillar.

Our Team


Proactiva’s team is formed by professionals
with extensive experience in the sustainability
of the natural resources, agribusiness,
infrastructure, energy and finance sectors
integrating the perspective of global best
practices, operational experience and local


São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba


Onde podemos ajudar?

Facilitar o sucesso de clientes em ambientes complexos de negócio.

Desafios e Oportunidades

O ambiente atual impõe às empresas a necessidade de serem pró-ativas e estruturadas em relação aos seus assuntos externos


A Proactiva se dedica a ser o parceiro do cliente nos desafios externos, de sustentabilidade e questões críticas