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Pablo Belosevich Sosa

Pablo Belosevich Sosa

Specialist in Corporate Sustainability and ESG

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Consultant with experience at the corporate level (Sustainability reports and ESG indicators) and at the operational level (implementation of Environmental Management Systems – SGA). At the operational level, he has experience with training, drafting procedures and action plans, among other activities and topics related to the EMS and at the corporate level, has experience with GRI sustainability reports and Integrated Reporting, audits, adherence to protocols and analysis of the degree of maturity. With operations in large national and multinational companies in Brazil and Latin America.

Master in business sustainability (Integrated Reporting and Ecological Economics), he is a doctoral candidate in Methodologies for Valuing Ecosystem Services by the Postgraduate Program in Environmental Science – PROCAM – USP. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from USP, a leading auditor in ISO standards for quality, environment and safety (Integrated Management System – SGI) and seeks to integrate risk management and business strategy with ESG dimensions, aiming at more assertive communication with investors and other stakeholders.