Developing with Sustainability and Resilience

Our approaches to sustainability, ESG risk management, sustainable finance, business, and human rights are proactive and strategic. We seek to effectively and positively impact ESG criteria through due diligence, mapping, management, working with strategic planning tools, and by examining risk and impact studies and second opinions about green and social finance projects.

Agility and assertiveness in identifying risks
Preventive and proactive actions that help to manage the issues and impacts of risks before they deteriorate or escalate.
Structuring for crisis management to prevent negative outcomes.
Greater resilience through an integrated approach to territorial development.
Reduction in scheduling and budgeting problems that arise from social conflict.
Robust internal and external governance with positive results for stakeholders and rights holders.
Access to a sustainable financial market in the support of development, recognition, and enhancement of sustainability and ESG agendas.

Where can we help?

We facilitate our clients’ success in complex business environments by providing customized and consistent services that are in line with the best international practices.

Challenges and Opportunities

The current environment requires companies to be proactive and structured in their approach to socio-environmental and sustainability issues.


Proactiva is dedicated to partnering with clients to solve their external challenges and critical sustainability problems.