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Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals

Far beyond social responsibility or environmental compliance, strategically positioning sustainability as an enterprise’s objective effectively generates benefits for the operator , society, and other interested parties.

Our work is focused on the strategic insertion of sustainability into businesses, enterprises, and territories in the most varied sectors, geographies, and cultures. We use our own methodologies and tools by considering global account initiatives , such as SDGs , and other regional and sectoral parameters for strategic planning and structuring.

Our Services:

  • Strategic Planning for Sustainability: Structuring and development of vision statements  and strategic platforms for action in sustainability.
  • Multi-Annual Action Plans: Multi-annual planning for integrated performance in business sustainability.
  • Integrated Territorial Development: Integrated and multistakeholder planning for integrated territorial development.
  • Integrated Social Planning: Strategic planning for social investments.
  • Sustainable Development Goals Strategy (SDS): Structuration of the institutional organization to align and support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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