• Negotiation aiming intertribal reconciliation and integration with business and government, resulting in a pact for the sustainable development of the territory (Asia Pacific) through a participatory platform. Transformation of a scene of violent protests and withdrawal of social and legal license to a UN-recognized reference agreement between natural resource companies and indigenous peoples;
  • Ethnic-religious conflict resolution of direct threat to the safety of company employees and surrounding communities (Indonesia);
  • Environmental reading and strategic post-disaster environmental guidance (Brazil);
  • Reading of external environment and risk due diligence to strengthen the strategic plan and proactive management (18 countries)
  • Structuring and execution of the external dimension and sustainability, for the demobilization of large projects in sensitive environments: peaceful suspension and withdrawal of megaprojects in Africa (of above 16 Bi CAPEX) and South America (over 11 Bi CAPEX estimated);
  • Planning and execution of the external affairs and sustainability dimensions in major acquisitions or sale of assets (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America)
  • Due-diligence of non-technical issues for investors (South America);
  • Support in corporate matters for the successful acquisition of USD 18 acquisition of multinational, including contract with the Government of Canada – Investment Canada Act;
  • Structuring of the External Affairs Unit at multinational headquarters in different industries.
  • External risk assessment, support and management for investments over US $ 1bi million CAPEX in mine, plant and port complex in Peru;
  • Support for risk assessment and management of new capital investments in Canada (USD 3.5bi investment in port, water dam, processing plant), Indonesia (USD 410MM, 90MW hydroelectric plant + expansion of mining and processing), in South Pacific (over USD 5bi in CAPEX, energy, processing plant and port infrastructure complex);
  • Nickel Classification in Europe: Regulatory Compliance Coordination – Science, Regulation and Social Issues / International coalition building involving the Nickel Institute, Nipera, ICMM, national associations in relation to IARC, European Commission, World Trade Organization, states-nation;
  • Successful structuring of external risk management tools and processes in different organizations regionally and globally.
  • Successful management of ethnic and religious based crises involving community and government in Indonesia, with the structuring of new foundations for stabilization and improvement;
  • Globally structuring of process for the integrated management of external risks for a multinational’s investment pipeline and operations – connected to its materiality disclosure obligations for the Brazilian Stock Exchange and for the NYSE. Protagonist in the promotion of risk culture;
  • Coordination of efforts for reinforcing framework for logistics involving multiple African countries;
  • Risk assessment and planning, as well as corporate affairs management, for Multibillionaire Infrastructure investment: logistics corridor (refurbishment of 682 KM and new 230KM) and new deepwater port in Africa;
  • Risk assessment and planning, for Port and Deepwater Terminal of USD 1.4 Bi, Malaysia;
  • Leadership in the development of sui-generis investment protection agreements between Brazil and the partners (ACFIs – Investment Cooperation Facilitation Agreement);
  • Assessed human rights impacts, performed due diligence, and offered strategic support in human rights management for a mining company in Brazil.
Framework para Logística
Avaliação de Risco
Estruturação e Negociação
Gestão de Crises
Ferramentas de Processo
Estruturação de Processo Global
Proteção de Investimentos sui-generis
Classificação de Níquel na Europa

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