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ESG  is a corporate valuation approach that recognizes the relevance of environmental, social and governance factors together with the health and long-term stability of the market as a whole. This strategy enables companies to improve performance, reduce social and environmental risks, strengthen resilience, access new markets, and improve the sustainability and value of their assets.

Our Services:

  • ESG Due Diligence: Proactiva uses its own processes and methodologies to provide in-depth reviews of ESG-related issues that are parameterized by a set of globally recognized references to its clients.  This service serves as the foundation for ESG strategic management.
  • Proactiva ESG Risk Mapping: The executive ESG Risk Mapping service is delivered through a summarized analysis of the most relevant issues to an operation, enterprise, or territory. This service provides a preliminary view of the most strategic issues, which is instrumental in establishing immediate baselines for decision making.
  • Strategic Risk Management: As a complimentary addition to the ESG Due Diligence and Risk Mapping services, this service offers recommendations and management planning for the prevention and mitigation of identified risks and issues. By using methodologies based on international benchmarks, we carry out action plans, integrated risk assessments, and impact prevention and mitigation.
  • ESG Big Data & Compliance Research: Technological resources, big data, and artificial intelligence improve all Proactiva’s activities and can be utilized for research, diagnosis, risk prevention, mitigation, insight into potential opportunities, and the generation and analysis of strategic data on ESG-related issues.

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