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Emanuelly Paulino

Emanuelly Paulino

Health Specialist

Redes Sociais

Emanuelly has been working in public health management for 14 years. She has experience in ​collective health and health management, particularly in the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of strategic health policies and programs. In 2019, she was the municipal coordinator of primary care in Santos, in São Paulo.

Currently, she is dedicated to health consultancies at E.P. Soares Consultoria. She also supported Vale in the context of paying reparations to indigenous peoples and traditional communities in Minas Gerais, She also provides consulting services for the Vale Foundation’s Health Station Program in Maranhão and as an adviosor on health for projects involving indigenous peoples in Northern Brazil, and to Proactiva and Bracell, in health consultancy to Bracell, and Bracell, in public health consultancy.

She holds a master’s degree in public health from UnB with a specialization in family health She was a researcher in a study group on work in UnB university hospitals, which was conducted in partnership with universities in Algeria and France, and she has a bachelor degree in psychology from the State University of Paraíba.